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When I have time, I blog about some passions of mine: Vintage Posters and Furnishings, Heritage & Vintage Clothing, and Football (or soccer - for you Yanks).

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Vintage Everything

VintageOCD covers vintage objects and culture from many angles. Whatever catches my fancy, from vintage motorcycles and cars to clothing and trends.


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Vintage Poster Collecting

A blog about vintage poster collecting and rare vintage posters from around the world.

Paper Madness

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Fantasy Premier League Football

This is a group for fans of the English Premier League and Premier League fantasy football. The Yankee Hooligans is a group formed to support the original members of the Yankee Hooligans Fantasy Football League, which is a free league formed in the Premier League web page. Each season there are multiple leagues that anyone associated with this group can join. The information is as follows:


First, you must register a team on the Premier League system:


Once you have done that you can join the following leagues but you must message us for the codes to join:


1. Yankee Hooligans - A free league, and the original.


2.Yankee Hooligans Bend - A free league where you must live in Central Oregon to join.


Feel free to join and steer other fans and potential players to this group or to the leagues above.

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